Discourses of Marriage

I’m part of a research group (discoursesofmarriage.blogspot.co.uk) looking at media discourses surrounding the recent introduction of same-sex marriage in the UK. To date, we’ve published a critical discourse analysis of speakers who are against same-sex marriage using language to take implicitly homophobic stances, taking our data from the Radio 4 programme ‘Moral Maze’. Information on this publication is here.

We have also written up our findings from a survey conducted into surname practices and strategies amongst same-sex couples who marry or have a civil partnership; this is forthcoming with Gender and Language journal.

A third study involves corpus analysis of responses to same-sex marriage published in newspaper articles over the past few years. We’ve looked at the discourses which emerged when the UK Government first announced its public consultation on the issue in 2012, when the Bill was debated in Government and then passed in 2013, and when the first same-sex marriages took place in May 2014. This is now in press with Discourse and Society – more information here.

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